Shout out to Syntax - re: Delos


Thanks for your review of the Delos several years ago. I got one about a year ago based on your comments, tweaked my system a bit, and have been enjoying the resulting music immensely. My system is modest by Audiogon standards, but it must be pretty good because the Delos elevates the level of playback substantially. The cost of the Delos is a stretch for me, but it was more than worth it.

Best regards.
Oh, thank you. I am not used to that :-)
Try some London CS records [6049, 6007, 6006 ..] and you will hear
what that cartridge is able to do .... or old Van Morrison LP's
Happy Listening, enjoy the time jump.
For the price the Delos is a gem - competes with $2500 MC on the market.
Having owned purchased new Benz Glider, Koetsu Urushi and Sheler 501 mkll, Lyra Helikon and Argo i cartridges, the Delos I am now using (one each for VPI Traveler and Aries 2 tables) are the finest and most natural sounding of them all. Do not tell Jonathan Carr that he could be selling these for twice the price.
The Price tag has nothing to do with real Performance. At CES 2013 you can see a modified Roksan tonearm for $3500,-- and all talk about it. Sorry, it is $35000,--, the Designer says, it can't be made cheaper, the Dealer says, yes, after listening with it, it is worth $35000,-- and some audiophiles can't sleep now ...
Yes, Syntax, there's much buzz over on WhatsBestForum about this arm. If you
have heard it, could you describe the sound on a new thread? They are
comparing it you the Phantom and reports are grim. I'm sure the OP is sleeping
well enjoying his Delos.
If ugly is the new chic, then the new Roksan arm is worth $35k at least.
Not only butt ugly......but as crude and adolescent an example of machine-shop engineering one could regrettably envisage?
A 'backyard' butcher with Patek Phillipe 'price' pretensions?
Is there no limit to the patience, gullibility and endurance of the committed 'High-End' audiophile?
High End Marketing
Hi Halcro

Not justifying the crazy pricing, however you are being a little harsh describing the design as some crude machine shop hack.

Touraj Moghaddam has been designing and had tonearms in commercial production for over 25 years. He clearly has a great deal of engineering and technical knowledge.

Sitting the tonearm on top of the Air force one certainly will help, but also bring out any tonearm issues if there is any.

Hi Shane,
I've had over 40 years experience in designing and detailing buildings and I've designed many components using complex metal detailing.
I've visited many metal machine shops utilising both hand-finished and CAD automated machine cut and detailed products.
Compared to even basic machine shop standards available before CAD operation become available......the design, detailing and finishing displayed on the photos of the 35K Roksan arm are an embarrassment.
The new TechDas turntable however.....appears to be a serious and beautifully built attempt at SOTA design.
Whilst not everyone's cup of tea visually (it may grow on one)'s reported price of under 80,000 Euros appears to be a bargain and reflects on Roksan's price of $35,000 even more damningly......IMHO of course :-)
Hi Harry

I will certainly not argue with your engineering background. My main point was Touraj has been designing tables and to earns for a long time. Certainly has no appeal to me.

I agree, the Air Force one table looks awesome and does seem to have some serious engineering. That it has Micro Seiki heritage and some design carry over gives it credibility in the SOTA table.
I hope to hear one when Warwick gets his.

Well, here is a nice screensaver for Delos owners:

$ 0.00 :-)

click me softly
Based on the screensaver, I think I will audition a Delos.
Boys, is there really such a thing as a $35,000-tonearm? And is it made by Roksan (of all companies)? When I first read of it here, I went to the Roksan website. They do admit to a $3500-tonearm, but nowhere there do I see anything for $35,000. Or was someone being facetious?
Lewm Google Vertere tonearm
He has apparently sold 5 of the 35k tonearms. Check out what's best forum.
I read that he has the parts to make five arms. They may be all spoken for. If they each sold for the $35K retail price, that would be quite impressive. There are also the new Phantom Elite 12" and Triplanar 12".

Love the screensaver. Does it come with the cartridge? Thanks Syntax.
To get the best out of the cartridge, use other screws. The best screws are copper. Brass is easier to find and also very good. They have a good inner damping, and are sonically neutral. The worst is aluminum. V2A is also to avoid.
When someone uses a separate Headshell, think about better leads. Generally these HS have ultra cheap leads, which are far away from maximum signal transfer. Try Orsonic or Oyaide silver leads.

The screensaver does not come with the cartridge. I tried to find something with a good WAF :-)
Guess we will see some more new tonearm designs this year. looks like designers are very innovative at the moment not only improving on MKV, VI, VII or VIII...
I read that he has the parts to make five arms. They may be all spoken for. If they each sold for the $35K retail price, that would be quite impressive. There are also the new Phantom Elite 12" and Triplanar 12".

As I said based on WBF, They have sold the 5 tonearms to dealers in ASIA. Seems ASIA is where the $$ are.

Now, where is the 50k tonearm? Where is Daniel? time to put your price up :-)
"Shane - guess you know by now - Daniel's tonearm is already available. For a much lower price than expected ... ;-) ...."
Where can we read information about Daniel's tonearm? That's good news as
I did not know it was finished. I've been anticipating this arm as well as Raul's
arm for a couple of years. There seems to be a lot going on with arm designs
these days. Thanks Thuchan.
Hi Peter,

I have seen images but not listened to the arm. From the images and from the features coming with it looks to me some innovations are implemented. It took quite a time, agree!

information currently is only send to UNI-Protractor owners - website will go public in 2 weeks. You may contact Daniel via the arche-headshell website.
Hi Thuchan

Yes, hence my tongue in cheek comment. Yes, certainly not 35k :-) Have you heard it yet?


Not sure if the tonearm is "readily available" yet. I can check with Daniel first, or maybe Thuchan knows.
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