Shout Out to Stealth Cables

Exemplary company making illustrious products and providing outstanding service.

Had a problem with one cable in pair of Stealth Indras (among the best at any price), not sure if I caused it or how it happened. Emailed, got prompt reply, and then sent IC's to Serguei at Stealth. He repaired them and returned them within 10 days, no questions asked, as pleasant as can be. And did not charge me for repair or shipment.

This is the way it should be done. I also own Stealth Sextet digicable, which is the best I have heard after trying many.

So kudos to Stealth all around.

at the cost of the Stealth Indra the service better be the way you have described! anything less would be totally unacceptable....
The free repair was an act of kindness...Sergei typifies the essence of this hobby.

Just make sure you have a rider in your home insurance policy to cover fire/flood related damage to your Stealth cables. When my house was flooded during Katrina, Allstate did not want to reimburse me $8,000 for my Indras.
Once I tried Indras and Sakras, I really couldn't go back to anything else. If you buy them used, they hold their value, so they are like a retirement fund.
hello I hope you are well. So I read your las comments.
I wish to buy some RCAs and digital SPDIF cable.
I get already some ODIN RCA cable but wish to search another less expensive brand. Does Stealth are good ? How to compare hem with ODIN please ?
Many thanks,
All the best,
JM in Europe
Wonderful company using V14 speaker cable and V12 power cords Serguei sent me a special carrying case for the V14 speaker cable.Great customer service.