Shout Out to Snake River Audio

Recently, I put a Snake River Cottonmouth Gold pc on the LPS to the router. Oh my! The image that comes to mind is - clear, pure, refreshing spring water. Wow!

I’ve auditioned at least a dozen other quality pc’s with that LPS. Each one had their own sonic signature. This Cottonmouth Gold does something really special. (It’s still mind-boggling that a pc has that much influence on a LPS.)

I have a Cerious Technologies GE Red pc on the LPS to the modem. After swapping the pc’s between the two components, I preferred the Cottonmouth Gold on the router’s LPS by far. (I’m still a fan of Cerious Technologies. Both Matrix & GE cables are elsewhere in my system. I’m not a proponent of the full-loom approach.) The Cottonmouth Signature has an even deeper soundstage than the Gold. This is my 3rd SRA cable. I’m not sure if Jonny is a craftsman or an artist. He’s definitely a pleasure to do business with.

AudioBacon review: SRA Cottonmouth Signature

AudioBacon review: SRA Cottonmouth Gold.