Shouldn't you always go nude?

It seems that in theory if you own a cartridge where the body can be removed, then it should be? Most cartridge bodies would add in another variable for vibration it would seem. While I understand a cartridge may be designed with the body, It just makes sense eliminate any potential forms of resonance.

Any input?
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Just as our skin protects our "innards", so does the body of a cartridge. I am primarily speaking about dust, dirt, airborne particles, moisture, etc... working their way into the motor structure. So long as the design and construction of the body is taken into consideration as part of the entire product, i see nothing wrong with it having such. Just my $0.02 ( if it's worth that....) Sean
no, a number of very fine cartridges are designed around the body. briar (benz ruby) sounds different from rosewood or onyx (koetsu). each body material (including various metals) imparts a "signature," as any component does. unfortunately, it's tuff to audition high-end cartridges, so best have a really good dealer with lots of analogue setups you can listen to, if not in your own system. -kelly
Cartridge bodies lead to resonances (unless they are properly dampened...), but bodiless cartridges (as Sean said) gather dust and dirt, that accumulates on the most sensitive parts, and impedes the quality of the performance. Research on cartridge body enclosures has led to two results: 1.) large bodies increase bass "volume" (Just as a loudspeaker needs a large housing for a fulminating bass-reproduction, so does a cartridge); 2.) different materials and shapes affect bass "quality." Also, one point that has not yet been mentioned, a body protects a cartridge from electro-magnetic interference and often leads to a quieter performance. There are superior MC cartridges where the body is a crucial, thoroughly-researched part of the design. For example, Belgian cartridge specialist Jan Allaerts produces a cartridge line where the same body is used in the construction of 4 radically different MC cartridges. They are all U-shaped, made out of a specially-finished aluminum, plated with 24 karat gold foil, and coated on the inside with a special matting. The form is said to simulate the Faraday box, and results in a more explosive bass, a quieter background. Lastly, as cornfedboy points out, the differences between body materials results in important sonic differences, but so does the magnet type (alnico, neodynium) and shape, coil winding material (copper, silver, gold), stylus material (aluminum, boron, sapphire), shape, radius, stylus rubber (Shore measurement), yoke construction, etc.