Shouldn't the Bass be felt? Duh

I am always a little surprised and disappointed when I hear a system that is missing the proper level of bass. What is wrong with these people? Why is a good bass so often overlooked? I grew up in the 60's and went to many good concerts,,, Hendrix twice, Creedence,Airplane etc.
The bass was always strong, and powerful and it didnt screw up your ears. The best past was the physical feeling of that low growl vibrating the rib cage...ahhhhh.
I am in the process of re-establishing my 2 channel system and that is really one of the goals...lots of strong, clean tight bass. To me it really makes the difference in having a satisfying realistic musical experience. I still wonder why a lot of people don't seem to get that?
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I know exactly what you're talking about.. in my experience the only way to get that sound is a Big ol 15" woofer job like a JBL L-200, L300, Altec 19, or similiar. And a very good amplifier..
My way of dealing with this is having a pairs of speakers to match whatever mood I'm in.
Bass isnt as important to me as a smooth, clean, extended treble. Combined with the fact that my listening room is only like 13x15, extended, bone rattling bass isn't missed. However, the bass I do have is tight and clean.
I understand that bass divides the men from the boys speaker-wise. Should it be felt? Well depends. If you mean should it be felt at all times, then the answer is no. On the other hand, if you mean that when necessary should it be felt, then I resoundingly say yes. You seem to favour amplified music and use rock concerts as your baseline. Doing this will, in my opinion, inevitably lead to too much bass of the boomy variety. Since many people augment the bass with a sub and, therefore, have to adjust the level of the bass (leaving aside the cutoff point and slope) I think that you can, no matter how unnatural, get the type of bass you want with a sub, decently sized main speakers and enough power, bearing in my mind that the fundamentals of the lowest note of an electric bass are not near the sub woofer region. Doing this will take a strain off the main speakers' woofer(s) and the amplifier driving it (them) and provide cleaner bass in the frequencies that matter bass-wise in music. So, I think your question probably has more to do with the volume of the bass heard and how clean it is than with how very low it will go.
I agree with you Blueskiespbd....however, some people do not have the skills, room, budget, desire, need....or any number of "other reasons" to consider those freq's important to their overall musical enjoyment.

Myself.....deep bass is a "must have" to truly enjoy some of my music. I'm very lucky to have a large dedicated room, and the components to provide this enjoyment. (was not always the case...bass was not very good in my old room).