should vinyl be put on auction at audigo

I,have some vinyl[classic rock] that i have not played in years and was wondering if i should put it on auction at audiogon?Is it pratical to send in the mail? How would i rate the condition ect? The vinyl consists of SRV Soul To Soul,Dark Side Of The Moon,Springsteins The River,Stones Some Girls& Stickey Fingers,Neil Young Zuma,ZZTop Tres Hombres&Fandango,The Who,Aerosmith,Tom Petty,The Cars,Outlaws,ect ect.Or should i just sell it to a record shop. Thanks
I believe that most of us here live near a record shop who sell many of the titles you mention above. If I was in your position, If what I had was rare hard to find titles or audiophile type pressings then I would put them up for sale. The downside to your situation is that It doesnt look like your qualify in that catagory, and from what my local record store offers in trade or cash, it be best to keep them.

I just bought a used copy of WHos next and Who are You for $1.95, they store likely paid the person who sold them that copy .25 cents or less.
At the $2.00 per add charge, why bother? If you really want to auction, use Ebay. Their ads get far more viewings that AudioGon, as this is perceived as an audiophile equipment site. As Justlisten pointed out, used LPs of this genre don't pull in big $$, but I have seen some LPs, Beatles in particular, go very high; read overpriced. Also, Ebay'ers are either looking for collector quality or good listenable copies cheap.
Vinyl generally survives mailing pretty well, provided you pack half way decently. I once received over 1000 78 rpm records via US post, they were poorly packed (standing on edge, no sleeves, some 75-80 per box, just "padded" with newspaper balls) yet only 4 or 5 were damaged! I've been a convert to using the US mails as my carrier of choice ever since, and some 3000 records and one complete audio system since, they've never yet let me down. Which makes all the noise about UPS and DHL and Fed Ex kinda funny to me, but that's several other threads, eh?

There are a few sites around that detail how to grade vinyl, I generally use the standards at, but there are many others - just search for "record grading" on your favorite search engine and you'll see what I mean. In my opinion, the best thing is to look at a few guides, then grade conservatively from there.

You'll probably get better bucks by auctioning the records than by selling to a shop. Dunno if Audiogon is the best place to auction them, I love this site, but I think for the broadest exposure (and probably the best price) you might want to consider (ack!) e-bay. People on this site know music and seem pretty aware of what things are worth, while on e-bay I often see people happily pay ridiculous prices for things. The caveat is that you can expect to have more hassles with the unwashed masses of e-bay than from people who have some wits to hand. In any case, for maximum buck you'd sell each individually, but that's a pain in the place you don't want pain. Less hassle, but less money (usually) is to sell as a lot. Then, you're only dealing with one buyer, and making one trip to the shipper.

Hope this helps!

Thanks everyone, i guess i will keep them as it doesn't sound like there worth a whole lot,and who knows maybe some day i will get another tt.