Should Sonus Faber G. Piano be bi-wired?

Should SF Grand Piano be bi-wired? Will bi-wiring make it less coherence? SF GP owners please post your findings and the cable used.

I don't know if they should be bi-wired (the new version does not allow for it) but my GP's are biwired with MIT T2. I use banana connectors because of the angle of the binding posts at the bottom of the speaker. I love the speakers currently driven by Krell 300i. The G.P.'s took about six months to really sound their best.
I ran my Grand Piano (not HOME) from an ARC VT100MkII and single wired (not biwired) Kimber 8TC. I thought the sound was good and much better than I could have expected due to my preamp and cd player at the time. Based on this experience I do not think it is necessary that the GP be bi-wired.

Even in hindsight, after bi-wiring Duntech speakers with Cardas neut ref and running Avalon speakers with single wire, I do not regret running the Grand Pianos with just single wire (though I am curious as to the possible difference with bi-wire).

To beat a dead horse, the GP can sound quite good without bi-wiring.
a few months before i sold mine i sold my transparent ultra singles & changed to harmonic tech bi wire, INCREDIBLE IMPROVEMNT, both in speed, full range dynamics and soundstage.