Should quality PC's be plugged into a conditioner?

I have received mixed opinions about the following question.

I have a Acoustic Zen Tsumani Plus power cord. It was recommended for the Rega Apollo. However, I have used it exclusively as my pre-amp PC, and now my integrated amp PC.

The question is: should this after market PC's be plugged directly into a wall socket, or are they more effective plugged into a power line conditioner?? My line conditioner is an Audio Prism Power Wedge 116 which is heavy as an anchor and at least 20 years old

The other suggestion, was to install a multi-outlet plate that replaces the standard in wall socket. It would have to be screwed in like the standard socket plate; however, I don't want to fry myself by making a contact with the wall wiring; plus I live in an apartment. Will appreciate all feedback on this issue. Thanks

I've used the 116s for many years and never found that they degraded the sound. In my opinion you can safely use the Wedge and will probably not hear any difference for the better or for the worse if you compare the sound, if the juice is taken directly from the wall. So why risk electrocuting youself...(:
It should improve your sound. Focus on isolating your digital. Love to hear your experience.