Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?

  So, if you bought that Porsche but can only drive it and not fix it do you really understand and appreciate what it is? I say no. The guy who can get in there and make it better, faster or prettier with his own hands has a superior ability to understand the final result and can appreciate what he has from a knowledge base and not just a look at what I bought base. I mean sure you can appreciate that car when you drive it but if all you do is take it back to the dealership for maintenance and repairs you just like the shape with no real understanding of what makes it the mechanical marvel it is.
  I find that is true with the audio world too. There are those who spend a ton of money on things and then spend a lot of time seeking peer approval and assurance their purchase was the right one and that people are suitably impressed. Of course those who are most impressed are those who also do not design, build, test or experiment.

  I propose that an audiophile must have more than a superficial knowledge about what he listens to and must technically understand what he is listening to. He knows why things work and what his end goal is and often makes his own components to achieve this. He knows how to use design software to make speakers that you can't buy and analyze the room they are in and set up the amplification with digital crossovers and DSP. He can take a plain jane system and tweak it and balance it to best suit the room it is in. He can make it sound far better than the guy who constantly buys new components based on his superficial knowledge who does not understand why what he keeps buying in vain never quite gets there.

  A true audiophile can define his goal and with hands on ability achieve what a mere buyer of shiny parts never will. So out comes the Diana Krall music and the buyer says see how good my system is? The audiophile says I have taken a great voice and played it through a system where all was matched and tweaked or even purposely built and sits right down next to Diana as she sings. The buyer wants prestigious signature sound and the audiophile will work to achieve an end result that is faithful true to life audio as though you were in the room with Diana as she sings. The true audiophile wants true to life and not tonally pure according to someones artificial standard.

 So are you a buyer or an audiophile and what do you think should make a person an audiophile?
That was not a joke.

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That’s what happens when you don’t get past high school. All your humor is high school humor.

"That’s what happens when you don’t get past high school."
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Can you cook? Oh you're not a chef. Can you hear? You can't listen. Have you dragged your knee at 130 mph? I highly doubt it! I have. I've bounced across the pavement at 110mph. I have the rudimentary ability to set up a race bike, but I'm not a top flight mechanic. I appreciate speed and a race bike that's set up properly. I appreciate a high quality stereo system and know what sounds great. What's the point? I can't solder, but I can appreciate high quality audio components. Can you? Don't be a snob.
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'Audiophile'....subject to 'whom' is referring to 'whom'....and WHY.

Does it matter in the greater scheme of 'things'?


Enjoy your music.

However you percieve it needs to be done.

Bottom line, message ends.
ALM....people ....Audio Lives Matter ,So let's stop the fighting .
Should Formula One championships be awarded to drivers who cannot even build an engine.  Give me a break!
I just read the rest of the posts.  What is wrong with the person who wrote, "This post is GAY."  Have we devolved into petty bumholes?  This post does not even warrant a reply, but WTH, I am quarantined and bored.
They also serve who only sit on their Barcaloungers.

I just read the rest of the posts. What is wrong with the person who wrote, "This post is GAY." Have we devolved into petty bumholes? This post does not even warrant a reply, but WTH, I am quarantined and bored.

>>>>Go ahead, let it all out. You’ll feel better.
To be an audiophile you need to build solder and test? MG, let's go all the way and require the nmining and metallurgy of the  wiring. That's the silliest definition I have seen
So if I follow your line of logic, then the only Audiophiles are those that can design, build their entire systems.  Not only solder and work on crossovers.  I prefer to enjoy my music simply
Yeah, I think someone can be an audiophile even if they aren't an electrical engineer. 
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All due respect to the OP, but the proposition offered is just.............idiotic.

In the extreme. 
Tell me you are joking?

What in good.G-Ds name does this have to do with being an audiophile?
I have built speakers, Built many kits and do most of my own repairs but I do not believe you have to do any of this to be considered an audiophile. I built a room just for listening and did many years of experimenting. Only a few of my close friends go in with me. If I did not do any of this I would still consider myself an audiophile. If you love music appreciate a good sounding system have decent equipment your an audiophile.
So, in your world we should become a prideful, elitist group of snobs that looks down on the world from on high? The "worthy" and the "rabble"?In my world, an audiophile is anyone that cares deeply about music and regardless of what he can afford, strives for the best audio possible.Your "us and them" attitude is what is wrong with the world.

Does a person have to run a vineyard to appreciate wine? 
Does a person have to manage a creamery to appreciate premium ice cream? 
To be able to design and build speakers is a talent. Some who do are not even audiophiles.  Going by your logic one would also have to be able to design and build amps as well as other components to qualify. 

Does one have to be an artist to understand fine art and appreciate it?
Does one have to be a guitarist to recognize and appreciate excellent guitar playing? 
No true Scotsman would ever accuse someone else they are or are not an audiophile. 
Tis the noblest undertaking to serve the servants. I serve the men who stand behind the men who work the soft machine.
If I understand this somewhat elitist approach correctly, I will no longer be able to appreciate music for what it is unless I learn to play an instrument and can add personal touches to my favorite tunes. I am so disappointed.
Sarcasm doesn't work. It's just preaching to the choir. A good example is "All in the family". Brilliant writing, but instead of showing the people who needed a lesson in tolerance just how much of an idiot Archie Bunker was, he became a hero and role model to them.

Off topic for sure, but then the topic of this thread is not worth commenting on.
I should have said satire which can be related to sarcasm.
I hope you are kidding.

the real answers is you must be able to do 100 push-ups in a minute.
>>>>Go ahead, let it all out. You’ll feel better. 

Dictionary states that "-phile" definition is fondness for something, from the Greek, loving. Do you need to know how something works to have a fondness for something or love it? No. Do you get more out of it when you do? Possibly. I work on a lot of gear to repair and improve it and have a different appreciation than people I know who can't work on it, but I'd venture the majority can't work on gear yet love audio and music.

I know a lot of race car drivers who can't work on the cars. Are they still racers, and do they love racing and racecars? Yes. Those who understand all of the mechanics and physics of the cars just appreciate them and racing differently.
I assume this question, like all of the others that include the phrase, "can you be considered an audiophile if," is just meant to poke the tiger to get a response. It certainly got a response!
" I assume this question, like all of the others that include the phrase, "can you be considered an audiophile if," is just meant to poke the tiger to get a response. It certainly got a response! "
  Well it was a bit serious in that poking fun at pretentious people is amusing and the bonus is all these that pile on who don't have a clue about the sarcasm intended. Many skip right to the end and wax eloquently from their lofty perches on their justifiable outrage thus adding immensely to the amusement of the OP.  The ability to discern sarcasm appears to be shrinking quickly.
I actually had to read the original post three times to make sure I wasn't missing a hidden joke.  If you truly think a person can't be an Audiophile unless they have the knowledge to open up any audio component and make any repair or modifications, knowing what every electronic component inside win the "Pompous Cocksucker of the Century" award.  Hands down.  Your statement brings to mind one of my favorite Michael Caine lines ever uttered on the big screen (I've altered it for you) -- “There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's audio choices and the Dutch.”
Yikes! Double Yikes!
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In addition, while I might not be able to identify, fix, or modify all the parts of my Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Hemi engine and Supercharger -- I damn well know I'll leave your pansy Porsche in a cloud of burnout smoke.
@pmiller --

If I understand this somewhat elitist approach correctly, I will no longer be able to appreciate music for what it is unless I learn to play an instrument and can add personal touches to my favorite tunes. I am so disappointed.

As I've stated previously in this thread:

"... it's a classic trait seeing those outspoken about defining more strictly the terms of being an audiophile to conveniently fall within that classification themselves. Vanity, vanity.."

While I appreciate the initiative of the OP (posed as a question, not to forget), some people just need to feel better about themselves. 
If you can’t play a musical instrument you have no right to listen to music. Hahaha
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The post is the saddest mix of envy and snobbery I have yet seen on this forum.
Indeed. And since I don't believe the original poster has had his/her face rubbed in it enough, I'll ask if I am a true audiophile if I don't have an anechoic chamber; an FFT analyzer and the means to sand cast my own speaker baskets. Am I a true audiophile if I can't build vaccum tubes from scratch? How about if I haven't yet built my own cartridge using wire that I extruded from minerals I refined myself in my hand-built 2,000 degree furnace?

Don't be ridiculous.
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" Your original post, Mahlman, would have been a rousing success in sarcasm if the truths weren't so self-evident. "

 Well it was a double entendre and the outrage proves your "self-evident" idea does it not?
" All this crap about sarcasm, which is an attempt at ameliorating the heated debate that has followed. "
 Say, are you serious?
There  is no substitute for a good ear.