Should Manufacturers Post Prices In Ads

You have $1500 to spend for a preamp and you spot a sexy unit advertised in Stereophile. The ad pitch is compelling so you decide to spend the next 15 minutes of your life calling the company or contacting the website to find an authorized dealer. Guess what happens next ? Your dream preamp sells for $15,000 not $1500 and zap you are back here looking for a used classic. If manufactures had the nerve to post prices on their ads they could save the dealer and us a lot of time and trouble. If this has ever happenede to you how did you feel about it ?
I rarely follow-up on any ad that does not include price.
Asolutely, In my book if they don't something is fishy
For those of us who were not born with the silver spoon in our mouth, have yet to win the lottery, and are not buying something just because of its name, it is nice to have some idea of the cost of a component before we look or listen. In my limited experience some of the most expensive components and tweaks offer the least improvement of sound.
Not all ads are "retail" oriented, whatever the medium or product category may be. Some advertising is designed to build image and awareness. This is just a fact of life, or at least, advertising and marketing.

This is just about the lamest nit-pick I've seen. Let's see, by your logic we ought to require all advertisers to include prices just so that you don't confuse a $15,000 product with a $1500 one. Get real.
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I don't think all ads must have prices listed, but I like when a manufacturer's website includes retail prices, and many do.
I have a feeling that one very important reason for a manufacturer to not show price is because thay want to have the chance to make you interested in their product first. Secondly, for you to go to your nearest dealer and have a listen. Third, to make a decision as to whether you like it enough to WANT to buy it. Obviously, you'll want to know the price soon afterwards if you're interested.
Now, you may think the above paragraph somewhat dishonest,or defending dishonest activity, but consider how many times in your life you went out shopping for something with money being the biggest determining factor and were scared off because of a big ticket. Later, you found out, and possibly too late, that you were blinded to all of the value the product actually offered because of the emphasis you placed on the bottom line. In these instances,you may have done yourself a diservice.
To put it another way, have you ever fallen in love with any product that later you found out you just couldn't afford at the time? Did it inspire you to work harder, be motivated and have pleasant dreams of ownership while you saved your pennies? And when the day of purchase finally came, were you not exceedingly happy regardless of any nonsense happening in your life at the time?
Manufacturers of the great high-end KNOW this about you and me. They also know that you may never give yourself and them the chance at some happiness if all you want is to SEE the bottom line instead of hearing it.
Just some food for thought..........
Although I respect Jim's opinion that this posting is a "lame nitpick" I would like to ask him the following thought question. Do you think that Audiogon would be more or less useful if prices were not posted ? Perhaps some people think that less information is more beneficial but not me. I could even make a strong case as to why some manufacturers might generate more sales by publishing prices but that is another area to explore.
Stokjoc, thanks for explaining the "obvious".

The "Toys from the Attic" adverts always draw my eye to see how the prices of products are standing up to the market. I do wish that they would delete their "call" $, though.
Stokjoc, suggest you revisit your orignal post and pay close attention. You specifically referred to advertising in "Stereophile" -- general ads that got you excited about a product but contained no price. No wonder you are confused with $1500 and $15,000 products.

Your post describes your emotional letdown when it turned out that the product that you thought was $1500 was actually more like $15,000 (I suspect that you were being firgurative in this analogy, or at least hope so). This was what my response was based on.

Of course I like the fact that Audiogon has prices listed, because this is in effect the *classifieds*. Ads with prices are what I expect to find here. And, this is my point. Some ads are designed to get attention, generate interest, perhaps educate and definitely entice. The fact that manufacturers don't list prices in these ads is not an indication of "lack of nerve" or "something being fishy". Others, like classifieds or retail ads, focus on price and product description. Apples and oranges -- or at least oranges and tangellos.

Like a lot of threads, this one has veered off the original point. Yeah, I think that it is a lame nit-pick to complain that the *image* ad that turned you on had no price in it. And, that you are upset *with the ad* because you had no idea that the product was $15,000 and not $1500. In your world, I guess that is the fault of the ad. Like I said "get real". Ads that don't have prices are a fact of life. What a gray world it would be if *all* ads were retail/classified in nature. In the event that you can't reconcile this, I suggest you stick to the classifieds, retail ads and Audiogon (all fine venues that I refer to myself).

Again, refer to your own words in your original post. Also refer to my post. Did I say or imply anthing to the effect that prices were not of value on Audiogon? Did I say that ads with or without prices were of any greater or less value? No, I simply voiced my opinion that this is a lame nit-pick. Given your inability to focus on your own original point, I can understand why you have difficulty with ads that don't clearly spell things out.
I'm not sure Stokjoc was making a point other than ads for specific merchandise would be more usefull if they contained the price of that merchandise. To me, that seems to be almost self-evidently true. I'm really not too certain why personal attacks are warranted in a disagreement over such a small point, though.
Raguirre, I've noticed a tendancy for lots of folks to jump on the bandwagon whenever someone slams manufacturers or dealers. I don't have a problem with this if it is legit. And, no I am not a dealer or manufacturer.

If you read the original post, you note that Stkjok suggests that "if manufacturers have the nerve" to list prices, he wouldn't confuse himself -- then eliciting responses to the effect that if there are not prices in the ads "something is fishy". As I stated, this isn't a question of manufacturers not having nerve to list prices or attempting to mislead us poor unsuspecting audiofools.

Hey, if you've got a legit complaint that's one thing. I would be the first to support anyone who was really duped. But bitching and moaning about not having prices in general ads is lame IMHO. And, I find trying to put spin on the original thread to be equally lame.

Yeah, mention those unscupulous manufacturers and dealers and watch everyone go for the torches and pitchforks. I guess this falls in the category of "if I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't get it anyway".

Looks like a fish didn't like my post and gave me -2 -2.

Pretty chicken for a mere ten words.
My original point was that prices in ads save everyone from the consumer to the dealer a lot of time and trouble. You either agree or not it's that simple. My mistake for not making it a direct question. Nuf said.
Hi Stokjok. I agree that prices make things easier -- no doubt about that -- it's just that not all advertising is put together that way. And that's by design. Some sauce is on the side and some sauce goes on top, if you know what I mean.

Agreed, nuf said. I guess I was too literal in my take on your post. Sorry for the "lame" reference.