Should I use MM or MC input?

I just acquired a Music Hall MMF-7 record player (with high output Goldring Eroica cartridge) and am going to be plugging it into a Plinius 8200 mkII. The Plinius has both an MM and MC setting, and I'm wondering if someone can tell me which setting will sound better. The answer would seem to be obviously MC, but it's a high output cartridge, so could probably use either. I'm really curious if others who have used this Plinius with a high output MC cartridge can help me out.

Thanks, due to current location of rig, it's very hard for me to swap out components, so hoping to open 8200 if necessary and set the correct stage BEFORE it goes into the system.
Ouch. The MC input is for a low output cartridge. A high output cartridge will overload it, whether a MM cartridge or a high output MC cartridge. Essentially, the MC input applies more gain to the signal from the cartridge, which is necessary for low output MC cartridges. Make sure it's set up for MM, please.
Matt- Paul is quite correct in that the phono input sensitivity of the 8200mkII is listed at 1.5mV for low gain (MM) setting and .75mV for high gain (MC) setting. Their site doesn't indicate any overload figures. With the Eroica's 2.5mV output, definitely use the low gain (MM) setting. Enjoy.
Thanks guys, I'll open my unit and set the jumpers to low gain setting (comes set to high gain by default) before hooking it up. Thanks for the time saver!