Should I use long interconnects, or long speaker cables?

Currently, my equipment rack is placed centered between and behind the speakers.  I’m getting acoustic feedback (rumble) from my tt due to it’s location.  Successfully, I have eliminated this rumble by using a KAB rumble filter.  However, this seems to me like a bandaid approach, and I would like to try to eliminate the use of this filter if possible.  I’m thinking of moving my equipment rack to the side wall to try to eliminate the rumble filter.  My question is, there are two ways to do this.  Is it best to:
#1). Move everything (including the amplifier) to the side wall, and use long speaker cables to connect the amplifier to the speakers.  
#2. Move everything, except leave the amplifier on the floor (on a separate amp stand), and run a long interconnect (20’-25’) from the preamp to the power amp (my preamplifier is single ended only)?
In advance, thanks for your guidance!
Always use Balanced XLR's if possible..
I think the standard recommendation for ”long interconnects/short speaker cables” first came about back when everyone was using tube amps and zip cords. I’m not so sure it’s as important with the ss amps and the heavier gauge speaker cables often used today.
I have run both setups extensively, due to different living circumstances, once with long (20+ ft) interconnects and now twice with long (20+ ft) speaker cables.
I very strongly recommend going the route of long speaker cables. You can run long interconnects (better if balanced, but can do single ended) and there is unlikely to be any trouble at all.
However, the signal is its most robust when in the speaker cable and I now run 25' speaker cable and could not be more happy with the sound and cannot tell a lick of difference.