Should I upgrade to a one box player or transport?

Currently using CAL DX1 as a transport with a Meridian 263 DAC. Plan to spend $600.00 for used gear.Looking at CAL Delta or possibly Sony 9000ES
Is the transport bad? I'd upgrade the DAC first with a higer quality one (Bel Canto 1.1 is in your range), then upgrade the transport when you get some more $. $600 for a transport isn't much...maybe a Meridian 500 transport, but even those are getting pretty old now.

Good luck!!

Old, old, old!!. A good quality component is always a good one. A new one should offer better quality to be better. New is no assurance of better. Bel Canto 1.1 DAC is fine. Meridian transports should be tried first if possible.

You have a point, Jotam. However, transports have a finite lifespan. No matter how good it was, it's closer to the end of it's life than a new one.