Should I upgrade to a Manley Chinook phono pre-amp

I recently upgraded to a VPI Classic One turntable with a Lyra Delos cartridge.I am using a Belles 20A phono pre- amp that I have been very happy with but now that I've upgraded the turntable I would like to upgrade the phono pre-amp.I read some nice reviews of the Manley Chinook and was wondering if this would be a significant improvement.
Have you considered the Liberty B2B-1 ?

I make them




More Liberty
I don't make Herron Audio VTPH-2 phono stages, but they sure sound good to my ears. I used a VTPH-1mc with a Clavis da Capo and was very pleased with the music it provided.
Thanks Bpoletti,
The person I bought my Belles from had upgraded to the Herron VTPH-2 and said it was fantastic.I want this to be the last phono pre I buy so I want to make sure I make the right choice. After doing some research on the Herron I think I might prefer this over the Manley even though it is more money then I wanted to spend.Hopefully I will get more responses to help me with my decision.A big thanks for suggesting the Herron.
Thanks Pbnaudio
It is now on my list for further research.
You might just want to call Keith Herron. It's hard to tell what he might have laying around.
The Manley Chinook should be heard, especially with your Delos.

I've been demoing the Chinook at home for a little over a week and it's amazing with the Delos. I just called my dealer to purchase the Chinook.

I've owned the Steelhead, the Chinook is so close to that same magic and has a variety of loading options for any cartridge. I've been using the stock tubes, I'm certain there's an opportunity to really fine tune the sound with some tube rolling.
I also have the Herron and agree that it is an amazing piece and Keith is a fantastic person.
Thanks for your very helpful response.I will let you know if I decide on the Chinook.Responses like yours will make my final decision faster and easier.
Thanks for your helpful input.
You might also consider upgrading the feet with bear paws from edensound and getting the ring clamp both made a major improvement with my Classic. Enjoy
Buy the Chinook. The first quality tube phono stage I had changed my vinyl life. You get what you pay for in this regard.... and the Chinook is definitely worth the price. They are holding value really well too, so very little risk for you.
I demoed a Chinook and end up purchasing it as well. I replaced a Ray Samuels Nighthawk with the Chinook. It's hard to imagine, but the Chinook is actually quieter than the Nighthawk. The Nighthawk picked up some hum due to it's location and there wasn't really any place that I could move it to alleviate the hum. The Chinook is on the same rack, but does not suffer at all from whatever caused the Nighthawk's hum. The loading and capacitance options are fantastic and really help fine tune your cart. I would, at the very least, suggest you try to demo the Chinook if at all possible.
Can anyone comment on the Chinook compared to a maxxed-out K&K phono pre?
I looked at the Chinook, K&K & Liberty. In the end I purchased a Zesto Andros for my VPI Classic 1 and Zu Denon 103.