Should I upgrade my Music Hall CD 25.2

I just purchased this unit used on Audiogon and love the clear crisp sound. I'm now wondering if I should spend the additional bucks and get this unit upgraded.....through Ledbetter or any other available process.
Currently running the CDP through an Integra DTC 9.8 via the "direct" setting. Amp is a B&K 7250 II, and speakers are PSB Synchrone I's.
Appreciate any help and advice you can provide as I'm somewhat new at this. Thanks in advance
Chris Johnson at Partsconnexion can do wonders with it. I got my MH unit back and couldn't believe it. Imagine someone lifting a heavy blanket off of your system. Good becomes awesome! $300-$500 for the mods you will need, plus shipping and customs duties of $75.
Hmmm....Larry describes it as "clear crisp sound" and Elevick feels it sounded "veiled".

Larry, you say you like the sound, but in what way do you feel it's lacking?

While I've only had the MH for a couple of weeks now, I really don't feel that it is lacking, especially considering the cost. I'd have to say a great value for the money. More than anything, I'm just wondering if the Modification that are available for this machine are worth the expense. Sounds like they are according to Elevick. If anything, I guess a little more warmth would be welcomed...Partsconnexion, Underwood, and Reference Audio Mods all offer modifications/upgrades to the MH CD 25.2, and I was just looking for feedback from anyone who had upgraded/modified their machine. Any feedback would be appreciated.