Should I upgrade my Linn Axis to a Rega RP40?

Many years ago, I owned a Rega Planar 2 (I think that's the model) and thought it was a good deck for my needs and budget. About 25 years ago I replaced it with a Linn Axis which I continue to use to this day although I replaced the original Linn P9 cartridge with the Linn Adikt a couple of years ago. I am somewhat intrigued by the Rega RP40 "Special 40th anniversary edition" and am considering replacing the old Axis with it. If I do, I plan to give the Axis to my son who has interest in vinyl but lacks the equipment (and resources) to partake.

As I understand it, the RP40 will be available in August and is an RP3 with some special features that may improve the sound quality over the standard RP3. I'd be happy to hear from some RP3 owners and anyone else about whether what I am considering makes any sense. Any other recommendations I should consider are welcome. I know there are strong biases and preferences out there but would prefer to keep the discussion as dispassionate as possible. I know, good luck with that!

The rest of my system consists of Musical Fidelity A5 CD, preamp, and amp with Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 speakers. I am very happy with it. As you can probably tell from the fact that I am using a 25 year-old turntable, I tend to buy and hold on to equipment. I consider myself more of a music lover than an audiophile and have a very large LP collection even though I rarely buy them anymore.

Thanks for any advice you care to offer.
I hope you are aware of the price that this special 40th anniversary table. If you have the means, then you might want to audition the table. If you can work with a dealer that should to give you the an accurate impression of the table's sound.
I just picked up the RP40 yesterday, and am listening to it as I write this. Since I've never heard an Axis, I can't offer you a comparison there, but I can vouch for the RP40 vs. the RP3. Although I don't own an RP3 myself, I have heard it enough to assure you that the RP40 is a significant step up, and definitely worth the money.

Before the RP40 was announced, I had been considering the RP6 (the model up from the RP3, US$400 more than the RP40 and US$900 more than the RP3) so while I was at the store yesterday, I took the opportunity to compare the two using my own vinyl. The comparison almost convinced me to switch back to the RP6, but I decided to stick with the 40th Anniversary model instead for three reasons:

First of all, when it comes time to replace the stylus, an upgrade will reduce the performance gap between the two turntables significantly. There are other upgrade options as well. For example, the RP6 platter will fit on the RP40 with the aluminium platter adapter.

Second, I don't judge the rest of my system to be good enough yet to justify the purchase of an RP6. I'd rather put the $400 I saved toward a desperately needed speaker upgrade, which will have a much greater impact on my listening enjoyment than an RP6.

Finally, owning the Rega 40th anniversary model is just really, really cool!

As Mechans points out, you really need to hear it to decide. If you don't have access to a Rega dealer then, well, you have my sympathies. Based on the mini autobiography you included in your post, and the sweet sounds I've heard from my RP40 so far, I'm pretty sure you would be very happy it.