Should I Upgrade Krell KAV 250P to KRC3?

Would their be a noticable difference or would I just be "splitting hairs"? The Kav250 is great but seems to lack some "warmth" or "fullness"....I am running KMA 160 monoblocks with a KAV 250cd and Klipsch speakers. Any suggestions?

Lingenfelter if you are not happy with your Krell, you are going to buy another one. Try a different direction.
Heard the new Krell EVO combo this weekend, and IMHO it's not worth the money they are asking for it.
Generally speaking, the KRC-3 will not add any warmth on its own. It will, however, sound more real than the 250P. I own the KRC-3, and it is capable of being part of a very good and satisfying system. It will be more accurate and just plain sound better than the 250P. In fact, it is, IMO, much better than the newer 280P. Compared to the KRC, the KRC-3 lacks a little refinement (not quite as smooth), and does not image/soundstage as well. But you cannot match it with bad components and expect to get good sound. I am happy with mine, and currently think I can improve the system by improving the front end, amp, and speakers before the KRC-3's limits are found.

Personally, I might upgrade the source first, and optimize the setup before
Hi there,

I had the KAV 250P and KAV 250A combo. On the upgrade path, on the advice of the local Krell agent, who said that there was not much difference netween the KRC and the 250p, I skipped the KRC and went to straight to the KRC-HR. Of course its more expensive than the KRC, but it's in a totally different league. Detailing, soundstage & neutrality are first class, and it is highly musical and dynamic to boot. You should be able to get a used KRC-HR pretty cheap these days.

Good luck and hope this helps.
Listen to Mick. ........... KRC-HR