Should I upgrade from my Pre1L to Rogue 66 Magnum?

I love my Anthem Pre1-L but would the Rogue 66 Magnum give me even more of a good thing? I've upgraded the Anthem to RCA/Amperex NOS tubes.

The amp is a Musical Fidelity A3. The cdp is an Arcam Alpha 9. I listen to everything from acoustic to jazz to rock.
its my opinion that at a certain price bracket all you do is exchange good qualities and bad qualities.
As you increase in price you tend to gain more good qualities and lose the bad qualities.
sooo...I dont think your planned move would really be a huge change....
just my opinion
Geoff is correct - go to an Audible Illusions for a sensible upgrade.
I have never heard the Rogue, but I have a Pre2L, and I used to have an AI M3a. From what I remember of the measured performance of the Rogue, I doubt it would be an upgrade. The Anthem preamps are really very good. Their only flaw is a tendency to generate a little hum through the speakers in combination with most amps - just up close, not audible from the listening position in my room. I disagree that an AI would be an upgrade. I a/b'd my Anthem with my M3a over and over, and most of the time, if I thought I heard a difference it was in favor of the Anthem. Btw, my M3a had the same hum.
I'll stick with the Anthem until it's time to go to the "next level".