Should I upgrade from BAT31se to AudioResearchRef3

I have magnepan 20.1s, pass labs x250.5 amp, pass labs xono phono pre, vpi superscoutmaster ref/koetsu RSP and a BAT 31se preamp. I was thinking about upgrading to the Audio Research Reference 3 preamp. Is it worth the extra money compared with the value of the 31se on sound quality (ie, will it really have more bloom?)
IMO it is indeed worth extra money to do the upgrade. The Ref3 is a truly remarkable preamp. You won't be disappointed. It will help breathe new life into those big Maggies and your wonderful system.
I concur with Doc on Ref 3 being a wonderful linestage. However, if you are a lover of 'bloom', the Ref 3 may not be necessarily the device for you. Overall, it is more linear, tighter, and somewhat less bloomy than many tube line stages on the market. . . . I am thinking in particular of the BAT VK51SE. Rather, Ref 3 seems to be a device that bridges some of the more desirable characteristics of tubes and solid state.