Should I upgrade from B&W CDM 7SEs to Quad 22L2s

I have endured my current setup for about a year now. Been in this addiction for about that long. I am driving the B&Ws with a Rotel BB-1080. Source is a CI-Audio VDA-2 fed by a squeezebox, with a Monolithic PA-1 preamp. I am about to upgrade my amp to an Odyssey Stratos Stereo with upgraded caps. Wanted advice as to whether I should change out my speakers for the Quads. Don't know where I can audition the Quads here in Minneapolis, so was hoping to get some input as to the virtues of going ahead with this switch. My main problem the B&Ws is its harsh treble. I am hoping the new amp will smooth it out, but I am pretty pessimistic about that. Will the Quads be less treble heavy, and overall a better speaker. Thanks in advance for all counsel.
I've owned B&Ws and I've heard and like the Quad 22Ls and would personally prefer the QUADS, but that's just me.

The Quads are nice but you should probably buy something you can audition first unless you pick up a pair used and can resell if not happy.