Should I update my preamp or buy new one?

Hello everyone,
I have a Cary Audio SLP98P 15 to 18 yrs old, should I send to Cary Audio company to update preamp to current model, or buy new one. I can get very good discount on new preamp.
Any feedback please post,
Get a CJ better sound,better service better preamp.
things change in the electronics world over 18 years -- take a look at the changes in ARC pre-amps over that period
If you  like the Cary sound, then depending on the cost, send it to them to get updated.

What is the difference between getting it updated and buying a new one?
I agree with Nordicnorm, a cost evaluation between a refurbish or a replacement needs to be considered. It seems to me that, given you can get a good discount and can sell your Cary works in favor of a purchase.
Why do you want to upgrade?  Is there something missing or lacking in your current preamp?