Should I update my Adcom GFA555 amp or buy something more modern?

I bought it new, there have been no issue. Because of it's age, it will need checked out and I thought I should get it updated. Cost $1500.00. It sounds great.

Or should I look for something else?

If I repair it, any suggestions to who I should take it to?

$1,500?  Do you mean $150.  I just bought a used GFA545 for $285.  It was checked out and all was in good shape.  Sounds great.  Got it as a backup.

Plenty of great used amps for $1,500.
I wouldn’t spend too much to fix or upgrade, especially $1,500. If you’re good with spending that much look for an oldie but a goodie, McCormack DNA1.0 Deluxe. Don’t think the best of mods on an older Adcom is going to catch a McCormack which are amps worthy of investing money down the road for upgrades.

Nothing wrong with the old Adcom’s. For the time and their cost in the day they were nice amps and yes easy to mod. Of all the 500 series amp I preferred the 545 of them all for the money. Agree $150 would do a simple bypass mod that will open your 555 up.

If you want something newer look into a used Parasound A21.
Thanks for your input. 

I did listen to everybody, I decided to apply the money to something more modern, that can handle the current devices like my OPPO 203.

Looked at Parasound, Rotel, Luxman, etc.

Going with a Peachtree Nova 300. Thanks!