Should I try to upgrade or scrap it all

I have a Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transport and a SFD-1 MKII. Is this worth trying to upgrade or should I start all over.This equipment was considered high end at one time. I would say the sound is comparable to my Philips SACD DVD 963 that I use for video. Philips seems to have a little more detail but I love those tubes. Any sugestions?
I would suggest looking at Audio Note DACs - incredibly musical, tube, and up-to-date performance. Should be a remarkable step up for not a lot of cash (depending on model selected)...
What about a used Meridian CDP, either a 506 or 508. Extremely musical CDP's. They should be very affordable used by now.

Will I need an upsampler between the SFT transport and the Audio note DAC to get the best performance or will the Dac upsample for me.I have a DIP but not the upsampler. I take it you think this unit will give me the best of both worlds tube, plus up to date conversion?


I think you should scrap it and get something else. You can do better for around $2000 used. Too many choices. If you like tubes, try Audiomeca, Audio Aero, Cary, Audio Note.
From my experience though some of the new digital makes tubes unnecessary.
If you are on a budget and want the A/V flexibility offered by the Philips, but with better sound quality, you may want to try the Marantz 8260 or one of the modified Denon Universal players. If you'd like to stick with tubes, the Cary 308T is an excellent, though somewhat pricier, choice.