Should I try separates

Currently using an Exposure 2010s integrated amp with Harbeth mini monitors. Always been tempted to give separates a try. Have absolutely no complaints about my current setup just wondering if I can better my amp with separates, preferably tube pre and solid state amp on a limited budget of 1500. Also have a pair of Omega 6 Alnicos from another system that I no longer use due financial constants . Some equipment will have to go to try this endeavor. Is it worth my time to pusue this. Only will they if I can get suggestions that will better what I have . Thanks
Just went the opposite direction, and am (for the moment) very glad I did. I like the simplicity, and am happy to save on the wires. Theoretically, there may be advantages to shorter signal path and fewer connections. In my case, the sound is better (though I spent more). $1500 might be pretty tight for pre, amp, IC and PC; if I had no complaints about my current setup, I might be reluctant to gamble.

at that budget range...i'd stay with an integrated. more bang for the buck imho. that being said, i'd still shoot/save$ for separates someday. huge improvement when i did the switch a few years ago.

luckily you enjoy what you have so no hurry.
+1 What Levy said...
If you're happy as you say you are, you will just open yourself to the dredded and very expensive upgrade sickness.
Yes you should. You should also take a mortgage out on your house to finance it. $50,00 - $100,00 should get you something pretty decent.
I don't think so. Not until you are ready to upgrade the speakers and have more funds.
thanks for everyones response. suppose its best to just enjoy what i have right now. tried the mortgage route to fund a system already. got turned down. ha ha