Should I trust movers with my equipment?

Should I trust household movers with my equipment for
a long distance move (about 1100 miles)?
I would pack everything myself in mostly original boxes and
double boxing most things beyond that.
No big speakers, just a bunch of expensive electronics and monitors.
Or should I just rent a truck and drive my stuff by myself?
It's odd how most of my eqpt. has done just fine with UPS/FedEx/DHL, but moving companies manage to damage things. I was hoping moving companies would be at least as good as the major brand name shippers.

Why is this? Why should movers treat you worse than FedEx, etc.?
Thanks again for the definitive answer.
I moved with great moving many times and never lost anything. Next time you can try them to see the performance.
Thanks. I'll see if they do long distance moves. I appreciate the info.