Should I trade-up from my Krell KAV 300?

My system is a Krell KAV 300, Meridian G08, and Thiel 2.3 speakers. My interconnects are Creative Cable (Music Direct used to sell them for $375). My speaker cables are Synergistic Research (about) $500. My room is small and I listen at relatively low levels, mostly classical piano, some symphonies.
Should I invest in a used Krell KAV 400 or instead invest in better interconnects or speaker cables?
Thanks for your help.
IMO you should consider Krell S-300i instead of 400xi, esp with Thiels. S-300i has more resolution, more texture, and is significantly warmer sounding.
Thanks Elberoth2. I never considered the S-300i simply because it was less powerful than the 400xi. I assumed that they'd be about the same in resolution, texture, etc., but I never thought about. Appreciate your advice.
On paper, 400xi may look more attractive, I agree. But if you put them side by side - S-300i is much bigger, much heavier, the power transformer itself is bigger in size. I wouldn't be surprised if the S-300i turned out to be the one with greater current capabilities. Not to mention it is much more advanced in terms of features.
Thank you. What you say makes sense. I appreciate your pointing me in a better direction.
Never heard your amp so I can't help.
I'm curious how small your room is and how the Thiels work there?
Completely from memory, I believe the toroid in the 400xi is very slightly larger than the S300i (800va vs 750va or something like that.) I don't believe either should be used to drive current hungy speakers. I'm honestly surprised the OP has had luck with the old 300i and Thiels....
Hi Timrhu, my listening space is about 12 by 20 with the speakers on the long wall. The Thiel 2.3's work great - no problem. Good soundstage and good depth particulary since I upgraded to the Meridian G08.
Hi Matti, Before I purchased the KAV 300 I phoned Thiel corporate and talked to one of the engineers. She said the 300 and the 2.3 Thiels would be a great match. She also said one of the guys at Thiel was driving the large 7.2's with the 300 and had no issues. I've been pleased with the pairing.
Completely from memory, I believe the toroid in the 400xi is very slightly larger than the S300i (800va vs 750va or something like that.)

I have double checked, and found out that transformer sizes/ratings are as follows:

KAV-300i - 450VA/13cm
Pic 1

KAV-300iL/400xi - 750VA/17cm
Pic 2

S-300i - 750VA/18cm

(for those not familiar with metric system, 2,5cm = 1 inch)

The S-300i looks to be much bigger in size than the one used in 400xi 'cos it is potted. If we adjust the size for the extra size of the pot (1cm extra), the transformers may well be identical.
I might suggest that if you listen at low levels you might well consider a pair of new speakers rather than change anyting else out of your system. A 6db gain in speaker sensitivity should be transformational. Do not get me wrong, I am not attacking the Thiel speakers. It is just that in my opinion you have to drive them pretty hard to get near their full musical potential.


Or better still - high sensivity speakers with a SET amp. Such a combo offers much different sonic perspective, but at a cost.
You should really put the whole product number because they use KAV300 (something) on several things (even know this is the AMP section)

Anyway, I have the KAV300CD player and I would not trade it for two reasons. 1. It is the best sounding player I have heard, AND i have owned and used many many high end players 2. Since it is basically a TEAC, it is 100% repairable, as mine has been, by any local repair guy worth his salt. Unlike some other models that are Philps, which from what I undersand, are not always repairable and when they die you are SOL.
FWIW, I just auditioned some integrated units and it came down to a bakeoff of the 400xi and S-300i. I went with the S-300i. Both were great amps but as already mentioned the 300 sounded warmer in all ranges and, with my system, was more flexible with various source recordings. The 400xi was not as kind to recordings that were less than excellent, at least with my system (IMF TLS80 speakers, Rotel 991 CD).