Should I switch from SS to tube integrated?

I have Quad 12L speakers in my living room and am driving them with the Ayre AX-7e Integrated amp. I have always thought about a tube amplifier and I am starting my research for a tube integrated. The Mystere and the Prima Luna Dialogue Two integrated amps are two possibilities (see below):

Do you have any comments on solid state integrated amp vs. a tube integrated? I need to keep the cost under $3k and both of the above integrates do this. I sold my Ayre CX-7e CD player to a friend and so I am looking here also (later). The Prima Luna DiaLogue Two looks very interesting. My only source now is a Magnum Dynalab MD102T FM Tuner running balanced into the Ayre amp.

What the average life of the tubes? Will the tube amplifier require any special maintenance? Will a tube amp drive my 6ohm Quad 12L speakers okay? What other tube integrated amps should I look at? Your comments are requested. Thanks.......
I can't comment on whether or not the Primaluna will drive the Quads but i have been running a PL2 with New Sensor Mullards EL34's about 40 plus hours a weeks since Feb 08 and they still sound great. Very low maintenance and the sound is heavenly.
Well, what is the perceived problem with your Ayre. Those are great amps in general and your proposed tube amps would not be a step up. Don't get tubes just to get tube. At the very high end, the differences are small. SS has gotten very good in the last decade or so, such that the differences between SS and tube generally relate to euphonics in certain tube designs.

Tube are one thing, that for some people, must be experienced personally and then gotten past. It's a legitimate route, but I think you must first ask yourself what you're looking for, then define your budget and then look at ALL options within that budget range. Do go in with a preconception of tubes vs. SS, just listen, preferably with your own speakers.

Why not get a nice tube pre-amp and use your integrated as the amp?