Should I switch from Jolida JD100 to Rega Apollo

Do you think this would be a step up or more like a sideway move?
sideways. different, but not better.
I think it is a step up. Didn't own both at the same time. But from what I remember of the Jolida, it is a nice improvement going to the Apollo.
I went from the JD100 to the Apollo and I considered it to be a step up without a doubt. I found the Apollo to be more musical and involving than the JD100. Don't get me wrong...I wasn't unhappy with the JD100, but I'm always on the hunt for better. I guess that's why I now have the Rega Saturn.
I think for the money the Apollo is a tough one to beat though. Just my opinion of course.
I just installed a pair of Phillips tubes (it says ecc83 on the box) in my JD-100 and they made a HUGE difference. 1/2 an octive of much more well defined bass and much more top end clarity. They weren't cheap at $180 but a lot cheaper than buying a new player.

I'm sure I'm the only guy in Pittsburgh whose wife not only bought the tubes for Christmas, but also did the legwork to figure out which ones to buy.
Its been a while since I owned the Jolida but it left a lasting impression. With the right tubes it performs rather well.

The Apollo, I have only heard in store demos (take that with a grain of salt). It was nice but I wouldnt trade the Jolida for it.

Bottom line: I say Sideways, both are good and neither is a clear winner, in my opinion anyways. Though definately worth a listen. In home if you can.