Should I swap out Denon 2930CI for Arcam?

He here is another question for the group.

I have recently upgraded equipment to an Arcam AVR 350 receiver, Revel M22 speakers for left and right.

I am now considering swapping out my Denon 2930CI disc player which we use for movies and music.

I was told that the Arcam disc players are well worth the money especially here on Audiogon but am looking for input.

thanks in advance.

To preface, I haven't lived with Arcam, but I have heard the gear a few times with brands I own. The 2903CI is a capable dvd player. I wouldn't consider that move an improvement, but more of a sideways move to a slightly different sound.
If I was looking to upgrade a DVD player, I would look for a Blu-Ray upscaling player. I'm awaiting Oppos new player.

Assuming you'll be using the digital audio connection between the player and your receiver it won't matter whose player it is because the D/A will happen in the receiver.

As far as video is concerned, I would look for a Blu-ray player with the Silicon Optix Reon chip. That way DVD playback will be excellent.
Bob, which players might those be?
The Samsung BD-P2500, which I own, uses the Reon chip.

Here's a list of products from the HQV site:

I think it's really worth it to pick up the HQV Benchmark DVD so you can evaluate players. I picked my Denon 3910 over a Marantz 7600 based on the results of running the HQV test on both. The Marantz was quite poor compared to the Denon. But, the new Samsung player shows how much better video can be. The Samsung nails the tests.
I would hold out until Arcam comes up with their Blu-ray player. I'm sick of upgrading DVD players and hopefully investing the Blu-ray will tide you over for 2-3 years. Personally I gave up and replaced my Arcam with an oppo.
I cannot speak for the arcam, i went up the Denon line from the 2910 to the 3910 and saw a big improvement in video and sound. These players can be had for around $400 here on audiogon. I think it is a fantastic player all around, it tests well and keeps me from wanting to upgrade to blu-ray.
Docrobbi- Just my opinion but the Arcam DV137 ($550 on audiogon) is well worth the extra $150.