Should I swap out Denon 2930CI for Arcam?

He here is another question for the group.

I have recently upgraded equipment to an Arcam AVR 350 receiver, Revel M22 speakers for left and right.

I am now considering swapping out my Denon 2930CI disc player which we use for movies and music.

I was told that the Arcam disc players are well worth the money especially here on Audiogon but am looking for input.

thanks in advance.

To preface, I haven't lived with Arcam, but I have heard the gear a few times with brands I own. The 2903CI is a capable dvd player. I wouldn't consider that move an improvement, but more of a sideways move to a slightly different sound.
If I was looking to upgrade a DVD player, I would look for a Blu-Ray upscaling player. I'm awaiting Oppos new player.

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Bob, which players might those be?
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I would hold out until Arcam comes up with their Blu-ray player. I'm sick of upgrading DVD players and hopefully investing the Blu-ray will tide you over for 2-3 years. Personally I gave up and replaced my Arcam with an oppo.
I cannot speak for the arcam, i went up the Denon line from the 2910 to the 3910 and saw a big improvement in video and sound. These players can be had for around $400 here on audiogon. I think it is a fantastic player all around, it tests well and keeps me from wanting to upgrade to blu-ray.
Docrobbi- Just my opinion but the Arcam DV137 ($550 on audiogon) is well worth the extra $150.