should I stay with Audio Research LS25 ?

My system: Shanling SACD, Audio Research LS25 Pre-Amp, Rogue 150s mono blocks, and Gallo Ref.3.
I'm wondering if I'm better of with a Rogue Pre. to match the Rogue 150s.
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Yes, get rid of your preamp as soon as possible. It's awful. Sell it to me :)

Why are you thinking of trading? Is there something in particular you don't like about the sound in your system?
To answer your question, NO !
Make sure you have a good power cord for the ARC and good tubes and enjoy it.
An ARC LS26 is being rumoured to be replacing the LS25 Mk. II shortly.
It is apparently a scaled down ARC Ref 3. If precedence applies, it will have the same price tag as the current LS25. And if its sound is related to the Ref 3. . . it will likely prove to be quite delicious!
Is your LS25 a MKI or MKII version. I currently own the MKI (with NOS 6H23 6922 tubes) which I prefer to the MKII version with its FET/6H30 hybrid confguration.

In any event, I would keep the LS25.
Thanks for the input.
First off it is the MK1 version. As for tubes, I am new to this game and find it a bit confusing as to what dose what.At present they are GE electric 6DJ8 in the back and Russian 6922 in the front.
My thought about going with a Rogue pre-amp was for synergy and possibly a quieter background. I've noticed when running the amps dirrect from my cd player that they are almost dead quiet compared with having the pre-amp in line.

With the 6H23 NOS 6922 tubes, my system is dead quiet with the LS25 volume at the maximum setting for CD playback. With my Phono playback there is a very slight hiss with the volume setting at the maximum. For replacement tubes you may want to contact Upscale Audio and talk to Kevin Deal.