Should I spike my B&W 804D's

I own a set of B&W 804D's. Right now I have them set up on the rubberized feet that they came with. I have them in the final posistion that I want them in and they sound great. I am contemplating putting them on the spike feet. I just dont want to damage my hardwood floors. Does spiking them really make a difference on hardwood? I guess there is only one way to find out. Is there any case where the rubberized feet would be prefered over the spikes? How do you guys have your speakers set up on hardwood? Thanks alot.

I would NOT put the spikes on with the hardwood. Speaking from experience, it will ruin the hardwood and gain you very little in sound.
I put my 804 Diamonds on Mapleshade's 12x15x2 maple platforms supported by Mapleshade's radiused footers. This produced some sonic improvement over just using the rubberized feet that came with the speakers, and it also looks very nice. However, in my case, I don't think the amount of improvement justifies the cost.
If it is through carpet to a cheap wood substrait, yes spiking can gain a solidity not otherwise found.
If the speaker is already directly ON a wood floor, then spiking may not do much (except damage the floor) ((solveable by using a base ten spikes to speaker. find a 18" by18" or so solid wood base, lay it on top of flooring then spike the speaker to the base...??))
I too have been considering this. I am using a pair of Snell B minors in one room that are on the hard wood floor. In the other room I have a pair of Montanas that are on the wood floor. Neither pair are currently spiked. The Montanas have the cast iron platforms.
When I attended the Capital Audiofest the guy from Mapleshade was saying I should be spiking the speakers and placing them on their wood platforms and place the platform on the rubber squares.He even went as far as to say I should remove the sttel platforms from the Montanas, said I would get way better sound and bass. Not keen on spending the $1000 for platforms and spikes and rubber squares. Thought I might try the maple platforms from Dawnsplatforms. Any body try them? The rubber squares aren't too salty from mapleshade.
There are brass discs with a depression in the center that are sold so that you can use spikes by putting the tip of the spike in the depression and not damage your wooden floors, if you don't have a lot of drunken parties at your house.
Vibrapods...try ' like me.
thanks for the insight guys. I am hesitant to mess with it too much. It is already sounding really good to my ears. I'm just always trying for that last little tweak. I fear I am at the point of diminishing returns though as far as speaker setup goes.
I may just try them out on the spikes anyway. My curiosity is getting the better of me. I will report back after I listen to them for a few days on the spikes.
Check out Herbies speaker sliders. Not only do they accept spikes , but you can move the speakers without damaging the floor. I have them under my Andra 2's that weigh 215 lbs each and I am able to easily move them around my room. My room is carpeted, but I believe that they will work with wood floors also.
I liked the steel base on my B&W 805s. I would not remove a steel base which is integral to a speaker.
In fact by adding dampening material between the steel base and the steel stand, very thin, it improved the clarity.