should i sell my speakers by piece or together?

I am re designing my entire home theater. I have all Theil speakers (3xmcs1 2xpcs 1xsw1). What would be the best way to sell them? Seperately or as a package? What about shipping? I don't have my original boxes, and all the speakers come with the theil stands that way as much, if not more than the speakers themselves. This was my first higher end home theater and I learned a lot, but it's time to move on. So any advice would be appreciated.
I would sell them as a set and if you cant sell them, then go seperatly. I can give one advice tough, do NOT use UPS for shipping and double box them :-)
if you're planning to ship them and do not have experience packing and shipping speakers, I suggest you search the archives on shipping. Search on "shipping". I also agree - do not use UPS. Below are 3 threads worth reading:
Selling and shipping speakers, especially large ones without the original boxes is one of the leading causes of negative feedback received on Audiogon. You must be prepared to go to great lengths to pack them properly & as Florianw stated, UPS will man handle them all the way to their destination. The alternative here is to take them to a local hifi dealer for consignment.