Should I sell my Oppo 205?

Please help me decide. Is there a logical reason for current prices on used Oppo 205? I bought mine few years ago brand new for around $1500. I've hardly used it since, maybe 2-3 Blue rays per year max. I have a pretty good collection of blue rays 4k movies. My questions: 

1. Is there nothing else on the market to compete with this relatively old player? 

2. What is so special about this oppo ? 

3. Is it likely to become more in demand in the future? 

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This is kind of a silly question but I’ll try to help you answer it. First, you don’t mention the audio portion of this player. If all you do is watch movies, and audio isn’t important to you, then sell your Oppo 205 and buy something else. You can pocket the profit and reinvest into a player with less capabilities. You ask what is so special about this Oppo, and my response is that if you don’t see it then who am I to point it out. Will it become more in demand in the future? Seriously? The only reason the price went up is the scarcity of units when Oppo ceased production shortly after introducing the well-received 205. It’s your decision. Based on your posting here, my advice would be to sell it, pocket the profit and buy something else. I’m starting to see the ridiculous asking prices of the 205 beginning to come down already. The clock's ticking.