Should I sell my Oppo 205?

Please help me decide. Is there a logical reason for current prices on used Oppo 205? I bought mine few years ago brand new for around $1500. I've hardly used it since, maybe 2-3 Blue rays per year max. I have a pretty good collection of blue rays 4k movies. My questions: 

1. Is there nothing else on the market to compete with this relatively old player? 

2. What is so special about this oppo ? 

3. Is it likely to become more in demand in the future? 

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Do you stream at all? If you do  you use the  extra HDMI in the  back  of the 205 for your  Roku or Apple TV device. I  use it for my Roku and love it. It will make a  significant difference on your picture and audio quality,

That is how I  use my Oppo everyday now. I hardly ever listen to music through it anymore, as I have focused the majority of my listening  hours on my stereo  rig in my kitchen.

Try that first  before you  let the unit  go.