Should I sell my Oppo 205?

Please help me decide. Is there a logical reason for current prices on used Oppo 205? I bought mine few years ago brand new for around $1500. I've hardly used it since, maybe 2-3 Blue rays per year max. I have a pretty good collection of blue rays 4k movies. My questions:

1. Is there nothing else on the market to compete with this relatively old player?

2. What is so special about this oppo ?

3. Is it likely to become more in demand in the future?
I’d love someone to comment on how the Oppo does audio. I own a 203 used as a bedroom player that like the OP I’ve only watched a few Dolby Vision discs on it. Now I’m curious if the unit can be used as a CD player and provide decent audio production?

Thank you!
I have one of the later production unit’s of the BDP-105D.
Few months later they stopped production.
right out of the box I had to do a software upgrade.
The unit glitches when connected thru HDMI (or whatever it is connected to glitches).
the unit glitches when connected to Tidal, freezing often.  The ONLY way to use Tidal is via downloaded Media Control which glitches multiple ways if I change to another screen while Tidal is playing, often requiring a reboot.
somehow Pandora sounds just as good as the higher quality Tidal stream.
it does not allow blue tooth connecting which would be awesome if it did since the Oppo handles video as well as audio (kids do everything through their phones).
the remote volume button requires REAL pressure to activate and more and more the remote has to be pointed directly at the unit for the actions to engage. 
The wifi dongle works as 4-6 depending on the day (scale of 1-10).
(Maybe) as a result, I have to re-establish network connection.
The reason I bought the Oppo unit was because it was regarded as the primo multi purpose source of its time. It is truly odd that the company stopped production dead in its tracks of All hard items, looking to be a soft product company only. That was their vision.
i have done a ton of reading and communication with the manufacturer in the hope of curing the ills described above. Best I got from the manufacturer and the dealer was to unplug the unit for a few minutes which usually temporarily cured the problems (but not the HDMI problems).
to the thought of selling it and replacing with separates (cd player, streamer, DAC..) I don’t like the idea of added complications to set up/use nor am I convinced the resulting audio would be better. Sure, I’ve read the glowing posts about how some DAC upgrade drastically improved on the Oppo, but at this point I won’t do it without hearing the difference firsthand.
i am currently using an Oppo 103 with a 6TB external HD. i have had issues with playing flac. files. the music will skip a beat or a lyric will stutter. i am thinking of ditching the Oppo for music and buying a NAS and streaming my music from it? the Oppo Media app. crashes constantly and the OSD freezes up. issues with Tidal as well, freezes up. any ideas folks. looking at the new Primare Prisma NP5 due out next month.
i'd keep it. i think it's a vg cdp,  certainly competitive with others in the $1k range; the fact that it plays movies is a plus, even if you infrequently do so + it can stream and many people like using it as a preaamp. as a dac, i'm sure you can spend more and get better, but i'm not sure the difference would be cost-effective.
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