Should I Sell My Oppo 203?

I like the Oppo, but I'm enjoying a paired down setup for my TV and streaming.  I don't really watch blu-ray dvds, and I'm wondering: should I sell the Oppo 203?  Will I regret it in the future?  Am I missing out on great features that I don't know about?!
If you do not, and will not use it, the sooner you sell it the better, they still seem to be desirable to others, that can change readily.
Many buy the 103/105 for the ability to 'burn" SACD's with Sonore software (that's what I use mine for). I'm not certain if the 203/205 has that capability. 
Oppos are selling for good prices and there's no sense keeping something you don't use when so many others seem to want it.  I sold my Oppo 205 and have no intentions of ever watching a DVD again.  I do miss the ability to play my HDAD (DVD audio) but I don't have that many. 

I use my Oppo 205 with my HR Firestick. Prime and Netflix looks really great through the Oppo!

@charo - By streaming your movies, you're accepting "Big Brother's" ever-more-frequent dialog "revisions". Example: Was watching the the first (recent series) Start Trek movie (with Chris Pine). There is a scene where Dr. McCoy is arguing with Spock. After Spock walks away, an angry McCoy says: "Green blooded hobgoblin!". Now someone in "lefty land" thought this might offend all of the green-blooded people watching the movie and changed the dialog to "Mean blooded hobgoblin!". Justice Served!
If the purpose of the Oppo was to watch Blu-ray/dvd, the I say sell it and get a streaming device. You will get most of the money back.
OTOH if you want to use it as a DAC and do not intend to buy an external DAC, then do keep it. It may not match a $2k DAC, but it can come pretty close, if buying an external DAC up to $2k is your intent. Try to use it as a uPnP device for streaming audio files and you will be amazed at what it can do.
Good luck!
I sold my 205 last month after buying an Innuos Zen 3. Can burn them all to it except DVD.
Can't decide if I should keep the old CDs. Think I will box them and store. Then stopped
by a Goodwill and spotted an Oppo BDP 93 with remote for $18. Was very clean so I bought it. My only real GW find. 
If it were the 205 then I would say keep it because the audio is fantastic.  I have the 105 for my home theater and the 95 in a smaller system and I just use it for audio only.  Hard to find a CD player that sounds as good for the money, plus it plays SACD and DVD Audio discs.
The 203 is a great Blu Ray player (but doesn't have the audio capabilities of the 205), but if you really don't watch them anymore (or have a large collection of them) then I would say sell it while people are still offering good money for them.  That probably won't last, especially on the 203.
Ok, I sold the 203 last week for what seemed to be a ridiculously high price, but I found myself wanting the "option" to watch blurays even though I only own a few dvds (The Godfather trilogy and Great Beauty and Rick Steeves).  So, if I wanted a bluray player what do you recommend?
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