Should I sell my NHT Evolution M5 Theater Set?

Hey all. I have a 7.6 setup (yes, 6 subs- 5 are powered bases-not NHTs) with NHT M5s all around. It was always overkill for the modest room (14x18) and now that we have a foosball table in there too (yes- not optimal audio wise but when you have kids...) it is getting crowded with all those floorstanding speakers. No 2-channel use- have the car & PC systems for that. All movies.

So, should I sell the NHT setup to get something wall-mounted? Not sure what I could get $ wise or what I might be able to afford with the proceeds of sale. System is carefully tuned. Considering Mirage omnidirectional sats. How much of a drop in quality would that be? THX!
Why not use the NHT L5's....out of production, but they appear pretty regularly on EBAY. Very similar to M5's and of course wall mountable.