Should I Sell My Jolida Tube for NAD 272?

Thinking of simplifying my system and selling my Jolida 302b in my Hifi only system and then buying NAD 270 or 272 in a all-in-one HT system to drive Totem Arros.

I'm reluctant to do this as right now I'm quite happy with Jolida & Arros. My AV Receiver is NAD T742 and for fun I just plugged in Arros and though sound was pleasant BUT it was no match for Jolida in terms of soundstage, tonal accuracy, overall musicality.

I have heard good things about 270/272, obviously amp is powerful enough but still I'm suspicious if it can match the Jolida in terms of "quality" of sound. Perhaps one big "pro" of switching NAD power amp is now I can biamp the Arros.

Any one have comments or recommentions

If you like the Jolida - wait until you audition some of the heavy hitters like Audio Research and Conrad-Johnson pentode tube amps! As far as HT goes - you will have to sit and calculate which one you engage in more often and which brings you more pleasure - movies or music.

That caluculation should answer what direction to take. Personally, I have yet to hear a HT setup that is believable. I have heard some very expensive and nice sounding ones - but not one that blew me away. I suspect the reason for that is what the system is attempting to reproduce.

Music may be a more feasible attempt in that when you attempt music reproduction you are attempting a set number of instruments, voices, the facility in which the music is played, and the nuances associated with all of those factors. With HT, the system is often called upon to reporduce outdoor type atmospheres and associated nuances -which is more difficult to make believable. Basically, what this means is that it is easier to make a person believe that he or she is in front of a live band than it is to make them believe they are outdoors hearing a real explosion and police cars chasing.

In closing, just do the math on where the most time is spent and see what happens.
I wouldn't sell the Jolida w/o first auditioning the NAD power amp w/your receiver. Maybe after giving your ear a chance to adjust to the different sound presentation, you might just prefer the NAD/SS sound. Your "quality" of sound will be replaced by greater "accuracy." But, will it make your toes tap..? I'm not too sure this or any other entry-level of SS will do the trick unless you're willing to experiment w/other pieces of equipment and spend more $$. I'd stick w/the Jolida and save up for a better tube int. amp. I'm sure you can come up w/some great recommendations from other members.
Thanks for tips guys,
I kinda new the answer already (& totally agree with what you guys said so far), I just wanted to hear it form someone else.

Music is #1 priority with occasional movie, I just thought I could save some space at home.

I'm going to Hong Kong end of this month and there maybe some deals on CAYIN tube amps, anyone know know anything about Cayin KT88?

I have not heard any bad press on Cayin, but if you're headed to that part of the world - you may as well consider the Billie or the Ella from as a possible step in the right direction.

The Billie is a SET amp and the Ella a pentode amp. Personally, I listen to a homebrew SET - and I can tell you that equipment is not something I think about very often. To me, the triode offers a VERY realistic presentation whereas the pentode gives you more power and realism without the finesse and emotional impact of a triode.

The difference by comparison to me is that on say a Conrad-Johnson Premier 140 pentode amp I can really enjoy a great presentation with power for most types of speakers. On the triode I can hear more into the music. In fact, on my setup you can hear urgency in a singer's voice as if you could imagine his or her facial expressions while singing the song. Additionally, you can hear the effects of that voice as it reverberates off the studio walls. Thats the type of nuances that mean alot to me when I listen.

With SET, speakers have to be efficient or you may as well stay pentode.

Look at under "Review Archives" for a review of the Bille amplifier.