Should I sell my DAC

I have the upgrade itch and am thinking of selling my OPPO 105 player. Currently I am using the player’s fantastic USB dac to play Tidal web player in my office driving powered KEF speakers. No need for Blu ray anymore and don’t use the unit as transport. If I sell the player for $650 - is there a better USB dac than OPPO 105 in the $1100 range? I prefer advice and recommendations from folks that have heard the OPPO USB dac. 
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I have a benchmark DAC3 connected to Node 2i in my main listening room. I would not drive node2i on it's own as the DAC is below standard and does not sound good at all. 
For my office set up - I may just end up keeping the OPPO 105 player and use the USB DAC. Maybe have OPPO digital look at adding new capacitors and helping reclock/mod the unit. They are 20 mins drive from my house. 
Just go to Ebay and type in Oppo 105 LPM. Prices vary, I opted for one of the least expensive
Love my r2r DAC. Makes bad compressed audio sound great, and uncompressed sound extra great, and no fatigue.
Either sell it and buy better or send it to Modright. Dans work is something special. Check it out.
Also check out Border Patrol SE DAC. The line we sell Aqua Acoustic is better however more money.
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Agree on the M51...awesome DAC.    It was Stereophile Class A along with some $10k DACs....    listing to it right now....    I also have it's XLR output going into my headphone amp and it is so quiet and has the most black background I have ever experienced.   Its a real sleeper.   2 HDMI, aes/ebu, toslink, coax.....