Should I replace my Yam DSP-A 1 with a B&K ref 30?

Hi everyone!I'm new to this forum.I hope I can get some help/ suggestions from your guys with my quest for a better sound system.

The upgrade virus/disease has found it's way into my blood streem again. It's just seems to never end. Anyway, I listen to both music and watch movies equally.Currently,I'm using my trusted Yamaha DSP-A1 as a processor and to run center & surround sound channels and a Rotel RB 991 power amp for the two front main channels.I'm debating if replacing the Yam DSP-A1 with a seperate processor like a B&K Ref 30/ Ref 50,Rotel RSP 1068 or an Anthem 20? would improve my sound system. I also have another 5 channel power amp to take care of the center& surround sound channels.Also, DD and DTS through optical/coaxial are good enough for me:therefor, I don't need processors with HDMI and HD master audio capability for now. ( due to financial budget). Any inputs/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks sdechpross
Hi sdechpross

I am not often on A’gon, but I had a moment and I was going through some threads and found yours. I am responding a bit late and you may have already made your decision. However, I own the B&K Ref 50 1.2 software and have used it until recently for both two channel audio listening and 5.1 home theater mated with a Parasound 2205 AT. Generally, I was very pleased with these two units for both 2 channel and home theatre performance. I was previously using a Marantz and a Yamaha surround sound receiver for about 6 years and the difference in performance was significant in the tightness of the low end, soundstage width and depth, dynamics, and to a lesser degree imaging and air. If you are still interested, I am actually going to sell my REF 50. I am the second owner I bought it on A’gon from the original owner. I have all the boxes, etc.

If you are interested in this piece or if you have any other questions I can help you with, email me thru A’gon at user name conserve.