Should I replace my driver?

I did something really stupid and knocked over my beloved KEF LS50.  I dented the gold driver--it sounds fine but doesn't look great.  I talked to the KEF factory and they will replace the driver for $150.  I don't live to far away and can actually just drop it off for surgery.  My question:  is there any reason NOT to do this from a sound standpoint?  Is it correct to assume that once I put 100-200 hours on the repaired speaker (i.e: break it in), it will sound virtually the same as my other speaker with the original driver?  Thanks! 
Replace driver asap after break in it will sound the same.
If it's visible, then it's worth the money. The decision is yours. Think about how hard it might be later if you want to sell your KEFs with a dented gold driver. Would you buy it?
Replace it
My question: is there any reason NOT to do this from a sound standpoint? 
I would just confirm with the factory or the repair facility that the replacement would be the exact same make and model as the original driver.  Assuming that is the case I would not expect there to be any sonic issues following breakin.

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Thanks, guys.  I will confirm this with KEF and then take it in.

Really appreciate it...
150 seems a pretty decent price compared to some other companies. I’d by 2 and change both, and then you have one good spare.... if you plan to keep them a long time.
That is a really interesting idea, Mikey.  That would definitely keep them in sync...
Just play the repaired one by itself til it breaks in.