Should I replace my Conrad Johnson PV-2 with a McIntosh C-28

Have a chance to buy a Mcintosh C-28 preamp at a good price in excellent condition.  Current set up is Conrad Johnson PV-2 to go with two McIntosh MC2100 as monoblocks driving a pair of Dahlquist dq-10 and a McIntosh MC2105 driving two JBL L100s.  Play mostly vinyl.  Like tubes better, but I will admit it - I am a sucker for the look of the Mcintosh. 

Wondering if anyone out there thinks the C-28 is an upgrade over PV-2?  (dont want to buy it just to try it).  My heart says YES, but my head tells me it will be another piece of gear in my current graveyard of unused gear and I will go back to the CJ.   
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I regret selling my C28. A fine example of vintage Mac! 
I wish I knew the C28 is best, but I suspect it won;t beat the CJ
sell the pile of unused gear and the great but ancient PV-2 and get a modern tube mac or CJ that will be a game changed...

when I left the business in 1986 I recall CJ was up to the PV-2 AR-1

have fun, the music is key !!!
Do you really think the new stuff is that much better for the $?

well then, stick with the old stuff then...I sold a bunch of the PV-2 but owned a Premier 3..... no comparison.....back then...
just my $.02

My buddy has a c28, I relamped it for him and cleaned the controls.  I put it in my system and it was pretty good for it's age, it had a recap 5 years ago so it was in good order but I don't think it would better the PV2.   The PV2 was one of tje better sounding preamps of it's day .
thanks, decided to stick with PV2
You'll never know if you like it better until you live w/ it for a while. If you're able to buy a nice example of the C28 for a good price, you can buy it knowing that in a few months or more you can resell it if it doesn't satisfy while making a few bucks for your trouble. You will also be more experienced and wiser too. Mac synergy is well known, so you may find that it is everything you are hoping for. My 2¢