Should I repair Stax DA-80 or just buy new amp?

My Stax DA-80 is getting a little "long in the tooth" - and needs repair at this point. It is a great sounding amp and, while not very high power, sounds great with my Dunlavy SC-IV speakers (with Levinson preamp). But before I spend a few hundred dollars to bring it back up to spec, I thought maybe the money is better spent towards a new amp. Any opinions out there?
fix it. It is still a very good amp. Sonics are still hard to beat. updating should push it further than most amps.
what's wrong with it? could always sell it as is....

Fix it (with modern parts) and it will sing again probably even better than before. It has a good design keep it
I also have a DA-80, mildly improved (caps, resistors) by Stax during the early 80s when Mike Detmer was there. Great amp, not the greatest bottom end, but overall very pleasant. See what it would cost to fix and what upgrades are available. Mine has been sitting in the box for 15 years. You have inspired me to give it a listen. Fond memories.
I have always been facinated by all the Stax gear after owning a pair of theStax F81 electrostats. to those familiar, do the Stax 80s and other SS amps hold their own to modern designs?

anyone done a/b? and if so with what amps?
Very nice amp. Very clear sound, but little headroom. Also, runs very very hot. I had a different model, but you could fry an egg on the top of it. This amount of heat has adverse effects on the parts inside, especially after a number of years in use. It may need quite an overhaul to really get the best out of it again. It would make a fun project to replace all the caps, resistors and wiring with the latest types to see how it may improve. Just my thoughts. Good luck.