Should I repair or replace Lexicon DC-1?

My Lexicon DC-1 has developed a loud buzz on only the front main speakers. I've swapped some cables around and even replaced the unit with my old Denon PRE1000 (2 channel) so now I'm wondering if I should repair or replace the unit. I see they're around $400-$600 used and Lexicon wants me to ship it to them so they can repair it @ $425 flat fee. Is it worth it or should I just start shopping for a replacement? If I replace it, I might be willing to spend close to $3,000 (new or used) but would prefer less.
Another option is to have it repaired elsewhere (local to Buffalo, NY) but how do I find someone to do that?
I am more interested in good 2 channel music but like to have the 5.1 channel surround for movies. I am not really interested in using a reciever. Thanks.
You could get an MC-12 for less than $3K, which would be a major upgrade while preserving everything you like about the DC-1 for movies. The MC-12 comes in many different configurations, and you'd have to get a v2.0 or earlier to get in under the $3K, but having owned the DC-1, MC-1 and now the MC-12, I'd say it's well worth it. I love both music and movies out of my system.
Its old and with the newer procssing available I wouldn't put any money into it.
Just my 2 cents worth....
I had the same problem with a DC-1 about 4 years ago. I sent my unit to Lexicon for an upgrade to ver 4. When I got it back
I had a buzz, returned it to Lexicon 2 times and each time
they could find nothing wrong. My only cost was shipping the unit, which was not exactly cheap, back 2 additonal times and the long delay having my down

I just happened to touch one of the inputs and heard the buzz
I called Lexicon and they told me to ship it back again, I
said no way, I got it fixed in Denver, I believe for less than $100. It was fixed in 2 days. I would not spend $425.

I have traded the Lexicon for an EAD. I like the EAD a lot
better than the Lexicon, particularly when playing music.
where in denver did you get the lexicon dc-1 fixed? i have an mc-12 with a loud buzz. do you recall the problem?

thank you.