Should I repair my amp?

I need to make repairs to my Levinson 333.5 amplifier that will cost about $2,500.00. Do any of you out there have a learned opinion as to whether it is a good idea to spend the money or put the money toward a different amplifier. I have other Levinson equipment (CD player and preamp) as well. The amp drives B&W Signature 120 speakers.

Neosteo (JJB)
Your Levinson without the repair is a boat anchor, on the other hand If you saw a Levinson 333.5 for sale for $2500 would you consider that reasonable.

Just a thought.
I would suggest checking out the ads that offer to buy non-working items. It would give you an idea of what your "doorstop" is worth as is. Highly doubtful it is worth $0 given its pedigree, may be worth only a few hundred, but add that figure to the $2500 to determine what you could put towards a replacement.
If spending the $2,500 will make it like new again, i would do t. will the repair offer any warranty with it?
Good luck
Thanks to all three of you. Valuable input. JJB
$2,500 for a repair is highway robbery, and NO repair is worth that. I'd put it on eBay and steer clear of ML in the future. Shame on them for quoting you that.
If you like the unit and the repair will fix the cause of the failure, not just the symptom then I'd say it's worth it. If you're looking to try other amp options anyway.... then the options already presented carry even more weight.
Hello Neosteo,you didn't state the issue with your amplifier but I do know the 3 series amps the have power supply capacitor leakage issues. I owned a 331 myself for a while.

I do remember removing the bottom cover and the caps reside in the four corners of the chassis, if this is the issue then access is not too difficult and perhaps you could replace them yourself, replacing the original caps was an expensive exercise but can be got around with a matrix of smaller capacitors to make up the value which will sound better as well.

This series also have a built in power conditioner, a good place to look at for power issues.

I would also consult with a few different repairers as costs and expressions of interest in the repair could vary widely.

Personally I was happy to ditch my 331, I went to tubes and never looked back. in my opinion the 3 series were neutral and controlled but also to me were a bit introverted and shut in.

I do understand why you purchased your 333.5 but I couldn't presume to tell you what to replace it with if you desired to do so, the subjective application of your levinson may well still exist.

I hope this helps you in some way, I've been there.Sucks
What's the amp worth in its current condition (non-working)? Can you get an equal quality or better amp for your system for $2,500?
IIRC, Levinson is infamous for high factory repair costs, as well as use of proprietary or potted or disguised (not the right word but I think you know what I mean) parts to make it near impossible for an independent fix. I also seem to remember that there is someone who advertises regularly on this site as being able to supply Levinson parts.

From what I have heard, the price for repair is a number that covers the worst case scenario of what could be wrong. That way they can give you a flat price and always come out ahead. The up side to that method is there is no quibbling over the repair costs after the device is in the shop. The down side is pretty obvious... you are always paying for a full overhaul, no matter what the problem was.
I just wonder what the basis of quoting you 2.5K to repair an amp they haven't even evaluated to see what the problem is. I agree with Bojack, THAT is outrageous. Has Levinson even looked at the amp?
Lots of well qualified techs out there. It's not quite rocket science.
Lots of well qualified techs out there. It's not quite rocket science.
As long as the tech can figure out the values for the bad parts.
Repairing an amp such as this is not that difficult. This amp had an issue with capacitors, that are easy to replace by the manufacturer or an authorized rep or a really good technician. It really isn't rocket science.

If you really liked the sound, keep the amp and repair it.

If you didn't like the sound, you still have to have it fixed before you sold it anyway. Unless you sell it as non working, which will result in you selling it for almost nothing.

Get it fixed and keep it. It really is a decent amp when the caps are replaced

Companies like Mark Levinson (not the original company) come out with "new" or upgraded products all the time which replaces the original stuff. This diminishes the resale value of the replaced/upgraded equipment greatly. Understand, upgrading equipment doesn't hurt the resale value much, because one can purchase it, send it in for an upgraded and be good to go. Example, Audio Research REF 5 can be factory upgraded to the REF5SE status.

Look. If you don't have money growing on trees in your yard like some people, then it will cost you much more to buy a new amp, at or better than this one.

You obviously liked the sound of this amp, so fix it.

Is the 333 turning on? The monster 50000uF/125V Filter and 1900uF/150V regulator caps failed?
These parts are custom made by Cornell Dubilier of USA. The Levinson repair center uses Nippon Chemicon (UCC) for replacement Asian Company. These UCC caps have failed many times. The 333.5 caps ever replaced by service center the original China made junk Philips? Did the surge resistors fail on soft slow start? I Only use Cornell Dubilier worlds best the caps will never fail used by McIntosh/Ayre/Lamm etc. 51000uF/160V and 1900uF/250V or 50kuF/125V and 1900uF/250V made by Cornell Dubilier.
Yes. Be happy; Levinson will return it to you meeting as new specs. Years of enjoyment from a quality unit.