Should I raise these Acoustic Panels?

Should I raise these acoustic panels?  The homemade panels are rock wool 3.5 x 24 x 48.

Everything sounds amazing right now but I would like to seek help from those with more experience.  I have them  low right now because the angled Tekton Electrons each have two large rear ports and I don't know any better.  The listening area is 12 feet wide and 26 feet deep. 

I'm not worried about the rest of the room (basement) at this point. 

Any help would be appreciated.
The room isn't even finished yet. Your ears, and only your ears are the final judge but, I would pull those DI's out more. Let them breath.

4-6 feet out. Naturally, this doesn't provide the end all. Don't forget the ceiling damping. Get subs. You are going to mount those panels? Make the room aesthetically pleasing, it sounds better.
Room that long, I would try bringing the speakers out a lot more. Move the chair back. Leave the rack, or maybe move it further back even. You might also try them along the long wall. If you can. Main thing is to increase distance from reflections, especially first side, which we do best with distance.

You’ve got all these panels, so move them around listening for differences. One difference is bass reinforcement. Speakers closer to walls yields more bass, but tends to be uneven. Further away tends to be more lean and even. Where you sit matters too so every time you move speakers move and listen from different locations to find the most even sound.

The other big difference is imaging, sound stage width and depth. From where they are right now if you toe them in very slightly changing nothing else you will notice the stage is more focused and deeper.

So the usual process is move them around trying to find the even bass response, then fine tune for symmetry and toe in to get the focus and stage width and depth you want. This is all compromise. Its what you want. And it can change as you move things around and finish the room. But usually speaker location won’t change that much.

Also don’t worry too much about the low bass. This is something to fix later with a DBA. Those speakers once you get things dialed in and combined with a DBA will be flat-out awesome. Tekton. You have chosen well, grasshopper!

Listen.  I've found good results treating low walls next to and behind speakers.  You'll hear it. :)
Thank for the recommendations.  

As a first step I  moved the speakers out with the rear about 3 feet from the wall.  Of course, I also moved out the listening position and made sure the speakers were toed in to aim just outside my shoulders. 

The sound stage became wider and deeper and possibly a tad bit less focused.  The whole perception of the recording changed quite a bit.  

The bass initially seemed a bit reduced.  After I increased the volume quite a bit (peaking at 80db) it seemed that the bass returned.  I need to experiment more.   I am getting some cotton filled moving blankets that I will include in the experiments also.