Should I purchase Anticable Level 2, or 3?

I was wondering if anyone has compared Anticable 2, and Anticable 3? Is level 3 worth the extra cost?

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There is a featured ad for them today why not ask this private seller I believe.
Neither. I had Anti-Cables and went with Morrow which were much better than Anti-Cables, then recently to Clear Day Cables. Simply in another class and blows the Anti's and Morrows away. That's the end of cable swapping for me. Call Paul at Clear Day. He is simply the greatest guy to deal with. Prices are extremely competitive.
...and I find that Anti's are the best for MY system. All cables are system really should listen to both to make your decision. They both have a money back guarantee. I've had nearly all permutations of the Anti-Cable series, and the higher the level, the better the sound. ..clarity of inner voices, extension, dynamic swings, etc.
I also had Anti Cable at one time along with top Morrow cables. Now Clear Day for speaker cables and haven't changed. I also think the Morrow cables were much better than the level 1 Anti Cable. Give the Clear Day cables a try!
Clear Day cables double silver shot are supposed to be very good. I used the single silver cables and liked them Yes, Paul is a great guy but his pricing for the Double shotgun is too high for pair over 8ft long.