Should I pull the trigger?

I have a chance to pick up a nice pair of Triangle Celius 202s, but I already own a set of PSB Stratus Silvers ('i' version). To me, the Triangles appear to be similar to the PSBs in physical size and driver complement (although the Triangles may sound a little more refined?). The current owner of the Triangles is using them with a tube amp, which tells me they've had an easy life and probably have not been abused sonically. I really like my Stratus Silvers and have owned them for about 10 years......they do so many things right and so few wrong in my book. I've always wanted a pair of Triangle speakers and don't want to miss this opportunity, but have misgivings that I'd just be buying another set of Silver i's, so to speak. If I get the Triangles, I plan on using them with a Thule Spirit IA-60 integrated amp.
Try them. If they don't work for you, sell them.   The ONLY thing that matters are your ears.   Enjoy the journey. :) 
You'll never truly know the pros/cons until you listen with your intended amp. Wouldn't you be going from 2-way to 3-way with Triangles? That's definitely something. They'll sound different for sure...but better?
If you are buying it right go ahead and pull! I always buy when I can break even and normally make a little dough when I sell. No real risk and you get to try out some new stuff! 
Look at hifishark and see the past listings for asking price. Maybe take 15-20% off the average since that was just the asking price. I just got some Focal 836w for $700 bucks. Gotta jump if it’s a good deal on will be gone. Probably not a hot speaker right now so don’t be shy to give a lower offer.