Should I or should I not? That is the question...

I have a Yamaha DSP A1 limited edition(gold) that I bought in 1998, and have been thinking about replacing it with a new or newer model 7 ch. processor, I would like to take advantage of the digital sound hookups available nowadays.

There is nothing wrong with my yamaha, and it's still WAY better than ANYTHING best buy has... But I don't have the HDMI connections to it. So I'm looking for some professional opinions here...
Get a new one or not? Or just shut up & be happy?

I'm new here and just testing the waters tonight. glad to be here and look forward to hearing your opinions.

I was in your position nearly 6 months ago having a gold DSP-A1 as well but wanting to take advantage of HDMI, etc... I sold it for $550.00 & purchased a Pioneer Elite SC05 Ice powered processor/receiver and could not be happier. It is much more dynamic as well as cleaner for dialog & movie soundtracks than the Yamaha ever was. It was an excellent move and suggest you do the same while you can get that much for it. One cable for each source connection is a beautiful thing.

Thank you Rossman, that was very helpful... Any other opinions from anyone else? When I saw 160 views in less than 12 hrs, I was stunned. I do hope to get more opinions from others in the next few days.
My whole system has been run by this yamaha for the last 11 years, and I have been very happy with it. All of my surrounds and subwoofer are Paradigm, except for my mains which are a pair of Klipshe KLF-30 in golden oak that I purchased in 1996. Well, the baby is crying so I gotta run!
I also changed pre/pro's... went to a Integra 9.9 from a Aragon Stage One. What I found is A big increase in processing ability. The 2 and multi channel analog is not as good but the digital processing is much better. The new top end AVR'S like the Pioneer Elite will also video upconvert your source material. So go for it and upgrade you will probley get another 11 yrs with your new AVR.
Upgrade - no question at all.