Should I match powercords

I hope this isn't too dumb, but is it important to use the same/similar power cords with a cdp and its power supply? I have a Modwright 9100ES and am currently running an old (pre Helix) Shunyata Python VX into the power supply. Would I be best advised to buy another Python or should I just get the best PC I can afford for the cdp? Both will be plugged into a Walker Velocitor with a Silent Source PC running to the wall outlet. I'm also concerned about mixing different AC treatments - Power supply Bybee filters, Shunyata VX material, and Velocitor whatever it uses. I'll gratefully receive any well intentioned advice or suggestions.
CDP with outboard power sup that uses two cables for power??
hmm. so be it.

I've found in general, wire does influence the sound of a component (s). Sometimes mixing up things is NOT a bad idea. Tastes and funds will fuel and finalize that argument.

I've run an entire system of Shunyata power cables in the past. It produced sound X, let's say. I've also used them in conjunction with other brands, and do now in fact. that gives me sound 'Y'. Naturally.

The one bit I would caution about are the Shunyata VX series. especially the older non helix version. It's their contention the VX is applied to rotating gear. personally I don't care for but one VX in my system... either on the transport (s) or supplying a passive filter which in turn feeds them via OTHER power cords.

I've not tried every PC out there, but have found what I like in my current Shunyata, Voodoo, and Elrod power cables. All of these do seem to play well with others, and bring their own spice to the mix.

I'm in the same boat as you almost... deciding upon another PC for a DAC that is forthcoming. one sureity is another Python VX won't be added, helix or pre-Helix. it would make things to dull/soft for me.

Only rule I have is a PC for me needs to have versatility.... I like to put them on whatever I have and I keep those which do well over the majority of gear with few exceptions... but I think also, too much of a good thing can & does happen with saem - same now and then.

Good luck.
I like Blindjim's theory.---I would guess just about all cable makers or sellers might rec. you should use/buy their cables in every iec-'hole'. But somehow I think that's just salesmenship.
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Thank you everybody. My system is already sounding a little soft so I'm sure you're right Blindjim, another VX would be too much. Thanks for the heads-up on the Dominus Ferrox Tvad, I'll look into them.